New control unit and mini location emitter


New control unit and mini location emitter

The new control unit MSE-400 closes the gap between the established control units MSE-300 and MSE-500. It is specifically developed for push camera systems. Like its bigger brother MSE-500, which is designed for crawler systems, the MSE-400 possesses the proprietary software RiVision, which allows to create inspection reports on site.
Furthermore, the control unit MSE-400 has a high definition 10” touchscreen TFT display installed that provides a clear and legible image even during daytime and direct sunlight. In the control unit is a powerful industrial PC with Solid State hard disk integrated, which enables smooth operations and recordings. Due to the integrated Li-Ion battery pack with integrated charger and charge status monitor, the MSE-400 can be operated completely autonomously. Via a 12-24 Volt port it can also be used with vehicles.

The new mini location emitter operates with 33 kHz, is pluggable and can be operated with the reels HKT-5X and SHP-6X. New reels already work with the new mini location emitter. Existing reels might need a software update that can be retrofitted.

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