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In 1976 Karl-Heinz Riezler founded his first company named RICO EAB and was one of the pioneers in the field of sewer inspection.


Two years after leaving Rico, he founded Riezler Electronic. All his know-how went into the new company and resulted in the successful products RIK 5505, RIK 3530 and RIK 5560, among others.


Development of the RIK 5560 inspection camera with halogen illumination.


Mini camera RIK 3530. At that time the smallest colour camera on the market.


Crawler RR 100 with axial camera 5560.


Due to the increasing demand for our products, the company moved from Waltenhofen to Kempten. The premises offered significantly more space and enabled us to grow further.


Development and introduction of the SK 65/115 pan and tilt camera. In the following years, the sales network was increasingly expanded in many European countries. Of course, product improvements were continuously made in cooperation with our customers. In the development area, the conversion of the camera models from halogen lighting to LED lighting followed. Likewise, various accessories for the push cameras as well as for the crawler were introduced.


Sebastian Riezler, son of Karl-Heinz Riezler, joins the management team. Presentation of the comfort control case with integrated industrial PC and recording software. This made it possible to completely finish an inspection on site - without rework in the office.


Our company has grown strongly. That is why we decided to move to larger premises in Durach. In the following years we concentrated more on development and innovation. We started with a digital bus system to control our camera systems. We thus said goodbye to analogue control technology. This cut was not easy for us, as we have many hundreds of systems with analogue control in use. But this was necessary to enable a new generation of cameras. Shortly afterwards, we introduced the new RIK 5570 axial camera head with upright image. This already worked with our new bus technology. The focus of this product was on trouble-free operation, robustness and excellent image quality.


Market launch of the pan and tilt camera RSK 78110. Innovations include control with our digital bus, internal pressure monitoring, gravity sensor, pan and rotation angle measurement and much more.


Since 2010, the company has been operating under the registered trade name RIEZLER Inspektionssysteme GmbH & Co. KG after it was converted to a GmbH (limited liability company). The adjustment of the company form is part of the growth strategy.


We presented the new steerable crawler generation FWL-100 with newly developed accessories such as a high-performance additional lighting or an infinitely adjustable camera elevation. The first systems were delivered in a very short time and the customer feedback confirms the excellent quality and robustness of the system.


Our latest control unit MSE-500, with proprietary software RiVision, is sent to the first customers and faces a huge enthusiasm. Likewise our new, big, steerable crawler FWL-150 and our campact axial camera RIK-3240. New is furthermore the modular setup of our inspection systems with which all our products can be combined and exchanged among each other.


The control units MSE-100 and MSE-300 complete our control unit series. By that a suitable control unit can be chosen for every purpose. Furthermore our to date smallest pan and tilt camera head enters the market, whose highlights are the built-in parallel lasers.