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An extremely robust and powerful steerable crawler. Due to its modular design, this trolley can be adapted to a wide range of requirements.

  • Operating range DN 100 - 600
  • Material: brass / stainless steel
  • Engine: 2 x BLDC-engine at 30 Watt
  • Drive: 6 driven wheels
  • Steerable and synchronised with our cable drums
  • Camera elevator: mechanical (optional)
  • Pressure-tight up to 1 bar
  • Internal pressure surveillance
  • Inclination measurement longitudinal axis
  • Inclination measurement transverse axis


Our professional control center

Multifunctional and ready for anything

The professional MSE-500 control unit is our all-purpose control panel for all RIEZLER products. Both push camera and carriage systems can be optimally controlled through your work tasks. Equipped with our own inspection software, the MSE-500 is ready for all requirements.

The high-resolution, daylight-suitable 12.4 inch TFT display provides a brilliant image quality and, together with the ergonomically mounted controls, enables comfortable working. Devices such as keyboard and mouse can be used with the control unit via the available USB ports. Videos and images are recorded on the internal memory and can be easily exported to USB storage devices.

Our proprietary RiVision software is highly innovative and allows the administration of projects and to record videos and pictures. Furthermore, it provides monitoring functionalities for all components in use. After an inspection, a PDF-report can be directly shown on screen or exported to a USB device. All exported data are fully compatible with WinCan vX. As RiVision gets further developed on a continuous basis, our customer are steadily provided with complimentary software updates. This ensures that the software always satisfies the most current requirements and offers new functionalities.

  • Capture software for videos and pictures
  • Intuitive handling via touchscreen
  • Individually adaptable colored overlays
  • Integrated digital meter counter incl. indicated sensor values
  • Project and contact databases
  • Text database to create own damage catalogues
  • Easy capturing of observations due to selfexplaining menus
  • Multifunctional data export to USB devices: enables on the one hand post processing in WinCan vX and on the other hand transferring the inspection report (PDF-format) and video recording (independent “RiPlay” viewer)
  • Belated import of “RiPlay” and external video files
  • Sustainable system due to complimentary software updates
  • Multilangual user interface and reports

Matching cable drums

KTM-7X (125)

  • up to 125 meters (410 feet) extremely sturdy camera cable

KTM-7X (200)

  • up to 200 meters (656 feet) extremely sturdy camera cable


  • up to 300 meters (984 feet) extremely sturdy camera cable


  • up to 200 meters (656 feet) extremely sturdy camera cable

Matching cameras


  • Operating range DN 50 - 400


  • Operating range DN 70 - 300


  • Operating range DN 100 - 300


  • Operating range DN 150 - 2000


  • Operating range as of DN 100

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