RiVision RS232

Extention module for the RiVision software.
This module allows to send all data (meter counter, inclination, etc.), generated by our camera heads and crawlers, to be sent to external systems (e.g. WinCan). There, the data can be shown and incorporated. This is especially useful when you record inspections with third-party software (e.g. WinCan vX) instead of RiVision. All your external system needs is a RS232 port that can get connected to a USB port of the MSE-500, using the complimentary connection cable. For how to set up the data transfer and OSD in your third-party software, please consult its instruction manual.

Of course, the video signal that is sent from our camera heads, can also be transfered to external systems or monitors. For this, no extention module is necessary but solely a BNC to BNC cable.

The combination of data and video signal transfer from RiVision to an external system is often used in fully equiped inspection vehicles (with built-in documentation computer and monitor).

Within the scope of supply of the RiVision RS232 extention module, all necessary cables and adapters are included:

  • USB to RS232 cable (1.5 m / 4.9 ft)
  • null modem adapter
  • gender changer adapter
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